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100th anniversary of the first airmail in South Africa
Type c/n Reg
DH.82A Tiger Moth 84305 ZS-DNP
DH.82A Tiger Moth 82935 ZS-DNR
DH.82A Tiger Moth 86267 ZS-PCW
Article in the Argus newspaper 26 September 2011

City Tiger Moths go back in time

Three city pilots have taken a flight back in time, re-enacting the first airmail flight in Cape Town 100 years ago.

The centennial re-enactment was carried out yesterday by Trevor Milton, Chris Langeveld and Jessie Roos who own the oldest aircraft still flying in Cape Town - three Tiger Moths.

The flight paid homage to the trip by Bik Driver in his Bleriot monoplane when he delivered the first airmail in Cape Town on December 27 1911. It is estimated Driver took seven and a half minutes to fly between Kenilworth Race Course and Oldham's field.

Milton described the re-enactment as "a brilliant, beautiful flight". - Staff Reporter

The first powered flight in the Cape took place on 27 December 1911 when Evelyn Frederick “Bok” Driver, piloting a Blériot monoplane and carrying a mail bag, flew from Kenilworth Race Course to Oldham’s Field on the verges of Zandvlei in Muizenberg, a distance of almost 13km, about 8 miles, to deliver the mail.

He was airborne by 19h15 and landed some seven and a half minutes later. After congratulatory speeches Evelyn was handed return mail and he took off for Kenilworth arriving at 20h10. This was South Africa's first airmail.

On Sunday 25 September 2011 three de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moths flew from Kenilworth to Muizenberg to mark the centenary of "Bok's" historic airmail flight.

The three Tiger Moth aircraft were ZS-DNP, ZS-DNR and ZS-PCW and the re-enactment was done in September because of a huge Aerospace Convention in Cape Town at the time.

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